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Have you ever looked out of the window and thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to just get on the next flight out of here and travel the world?”

Well, the good news is you can do just that if you’re brave enough to let go of your excuses and make the most of your life. By pulling apart all the things that hold us back, world-traveler Philipp Gloeckl will take you on an exhilarating journey towards your heart’s most desired, most sought-after travel dreams.

The NO EXCUSE Travel Guide is a blueprint for harnessing the magic of travel and wanderlust in everyday life. Discover the truth about creating a successful travel vision and bucket list, learn how easy it is to make international travel affordable, find out who to rely on for the best advice and, most importantly, embrace the right mindset to stop holding yourself back so that you too can get on the next flight to anywhere and jump on a fulfilling adventure.

When you embrance positive thinging, mix it with strategic planning and throw in your wildest dreams, you become the captain of your own experience. The destination is the journey, and the only limit is the power of your own imagination!




the world is yours.
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Philipp Gloeckl

is an avid traveler, global networker and successful international real estate investor. By the age of 30, Philipp had traveled to over 80 countries, visiting all the world’s remaining Ancient and New Wonders of the World on his own terms.

Living and working in many different countries around the world has given Philipp the perfect opportunity to immerse himself into diverse cultures across a broad range of environments. From Los Angeles to Detroit, San Diego to Stuttgart, São Paulo to Luxembourg, Philipp has made the most of every moment on his lifelong adventure. His journey has inspired countless others to head out and explore the world, embracing the true meaning of travel for a richer, more meaningful life.


“A must-have for the New Age traveller. Small pockets of timeless wisdom in here.”

Mike Graziano​

Founder of Global Degree & Forbes Business Council
Youngest Canadian male to visit every country in the world

“I’m extremely grateful I’ve had the opportunity to read The NO EXCUSE Travel Guide and learn about the rules & information that it encompasses! Gaining knowledge about a variety of places & cultures has always been very important to me, and has had a major impact on my profession as an international top model.”

Priscilla Ricart

Brazilian World-class Model und Traveler

“Reading “The NO EXCUSE Travel Guide” was not only fun, informative, and extremely captivating, but also very helpful with reevaluating my personal travel approach & perspective on life! This book taught me to never hesitate or doubt myself when it comes to pursuing what i REALLY want in life – traveling the world! However, it is up to me to make it happen!”

Nicolaus Berlin

Forbes 30 under 30
Head of Germany, Podimo


“Philipp has planted himself firmly in the first rank of travel authors. He has crafted an exclusive travel guide with no excuses and no regrets that allows everyone to travel the world freely.”

Donya Dardmand

Fashion Model & Luxury Travel Influencer


“The NO EXCUSE Travel Guide is a delightfully engaging book packed with essential information and rules for those wanting to improve their lives and travel the world freely with no regrets. It’s full of life lessons and pro-tips you didn’t even know you needed!”

Raven Lexy

American Actress, Model & TV Host


“Full of valuable insights and actionable tips, The NO EXCUSE Travel Guide is a MUST-READ for those seeking to transform their travel experiences, mindset, and life!”

Danielle Hu

Founder of The Wanderlover

TravelPeeGee-Nathalie Aron-Travel Blogger

“This book provides the perfect guidance to make your travel dreams a reality.”

Nathalie Aron

Travel Blogger from Germany

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